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Rug, Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning • Hoarding, Fire & Water Damage Clean Up

Janitorial Services • Odor Control • Wood & Tile Floor Care

Sometimes we get super busy. We can be out the door at 8am and not back until 9pm. We often find ourselves in areas with poor cell phone reception and often times we are cleaning slop and we are physically unable to answer the phone. The company is very small, it is just me and a helper.

Operators are not standing by to take your call... but you will speak to the owner.

The best way to make contact with me is via e-mail, so that I don't have to call you at awkward hours. Thanks.

• Commercial Carpet Cleaning; As well as, Vinyl Tile (VCT), Terrazzo and Wood

•  Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing

•  IICRC Certified Water, Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

• Pet Urine Stain Cleaning Decontamination & Deodorizing

• Tobacco smoke and other persistent odors removal

Insured, certified, professional cleaners making you look good!
845-377-DIRT (3478)
Leave a message, we will return your call shortly. 

Why you can't really get carpets clean with a rental machine or "high end" home machine:
Carpet Cleaning success is C.H.A.T.S. Chemical, Heat, Agitation, Time and Suction

If you spend $400-700 on a carpet cleaning machine, it will come with a 26 psi pump that spritzes your carpet with a little soapy water.
We use a variety of sprayers to put down a great volume of more effective cleaner than these machines put down. Because your carpet is being rinsed by our machine, we put down much more chemicals and not worry about residue left behind. (Chemical)

We us  e a 3200 watt heater, that requires two power cords to run full power. It turns 110° tap water into 190°+ steam. The home unit? The warm air from the vacuum motor blows on the solution as it comes out maybe raising the temperature to 111°. We beat that by 80-90° (Heat)

Back to that 26 psi spray pump in the rental machine. Our best machine has a 300 psi pump that costs more to replace than the entire rental machine costs to buy. Our weakest pump is 120 psi. We hit the carpet with 5-12x the pressure. (Agitation)

Time, we pre-spray with powerful chemicals, allow a 10-15 dwell time. You have to put down sufficient volume to prevent drying. Then we rinse and extract. The machine puts down to solution then immediately sucks it out of the carpet. <1 second vs 10-15 minutes (Time)

To be fair, you can prespray too. Don't buy a $10-15 garden sprayer, it lacks the volume of spray. Spend $40-50+ and while you still have a manual sprayer, it least it can put down a fair amount of cleaning solution. You can even purchase a high volume tip from us for $6 that will increase the spray volume by 20%.

 Suction, we have it in heaps, our systems all use 2 three stage, 6.6" vacuums, some more powerful than the factory equipped vacuums. When that's not enough, we add our Mytee AirHog for a 3rd three stage vacuum. The single 4" diameter two stage vacuum in a "high end" rental unit doesn't even have half the suction of one of our vacuums. We pull out dirty water with 6-7x the force those machines do. We recover 90-92% of the moisture put on your carpet and we put down so much more... They are lucky to recover 60% of what little they put down. (Suction)

Before you think, "I'll do it myself and save a lot of money". Understand you are getting a lot less for your money.

Our Guide to Residential Cleaning
Wall-to Wall Carpet, Upholstery, Mattresses and Curtains
Certified Expert Rug Cleaning
The Awful Truth About Pet Stains and Odors 
Wood Floor Deep Cleaning, Polishing, Waxing and Buffing
Concrete, Cement, Garage or Basement Floor Painting
Interior Painting

Tile & Grout Cleaning
Our Commercial Cleaning Price List
Our Price List for the Lodging Industry

Our Service Area: roughly a 25-35 mile radius from intersection of I-84 & I-86 (NY-17) $100 minimum order
 within 10 miles of this point, only $75 minimum
Satisfied Clients are our best advertisement. Tell a friend and they get 10% off their 1st service, plus you get 10% off your next service!


To be assured of the highest cleaning standard,
always ask to see your cleaner's current IICRC certification card.
Here is mine!


We are animal lovers and we want to empty pet shelters 
This is now a permanent offer.
Show us any adoption or donation receipt in the paste 90 days for any Rockland, Orange, Ulster, Dutchess, Putnam or Sullivan County animal shelter or spay/neuter clinic.
Let's say you donated $100 or the fee was $100 or more....
We will give you $50 worth of FREE carpet or upholstery cleaning. No further discounts applicable. Can only be used once every year. No other strings attached.
You are not obligated to spend one dime! This is our way of saying thanks!
Maybe your donation or fee was less than $100? We still want to thank you! Even if you made a $20 donation, we will give you a $10 credit!
Open up your wallet and heart and make a tax deductible gift. We will reward you. The animal you saved will reward you.
Here's just a few organizations in our area: 
If we missed you, please let us know. If you are able to link to us from your website, we'd deeply appreciate it.



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